Zoe offers mat and reformer classes, and is also available for private and semi-private sessions. All sessions are 55 minutes in length. Pre-registration is required for all sessions.


Multi-Level Mat - Class starts with a warm up and moves on to include abdominal and back strengthening exercises, along with upper body and hip strengthening exercises. These classes are for healthy bodies and will move your spine through flexion, extension, side bending and rotation. Your hip sockets will be asked to flex, extend, abduct and adduct. There will be times where you have to stabilize your pelvis and spine, and other times you will have mobilize your pelvis and spine. Pilates is a practice, not perfection! We will all work at our own individual levels, modifying where need be and challenging ourselves when available. The Pilates exercises and movements will stay with you as you travel out to the real world and navigate your daily life so you feel great!


Level II Reformer - Level II Reformer class follows the Classical Flow but is at a slower pace so you can pay attention to form and working correctly. Much of the choreography of the classical reformer routine is complicated and takes time to learn and master. In this class you can take the time to focus on the movements without feeling rushed. Some fun and interesting non-classical exercises will be thrown into the mix to add new challenges to the body and mind. This class will prepare you for Level III Reformer.

Level III Reformer - Level III Reformer is an exciting blend of fast-paced movement and deep stretches. At this level the exercises flow from one to the next and require a balance of strength and flexibility to accomplish these challenging movements. If you are looking for a challenge this class is for you! This class is appropriate for healthy bodies with a familiarity of Pilates and who have mastered Level II Reformer.


Private sessions are the perfect place to address the needs of the individual client. With feedback from the client, his or her body, and the apparatus, Zoe will tailor each session to the client’s individual needs.  As the client’s Pilates journey continues s/he will become stronger, more limber, and better in control of his or her body.

Private sessions are also appropriate for the client who wants to join classes but is not quite ready for the flow of a class. When you are just starting your Pilates journey, classes can feel fast paced and be intimidating. In the case of the reformer classes it also takes time to get used to the equipment. Private sessions ease the transition from newbie to class member, injured to healthy, weak to strong.



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